Pelvic Physiotherapy

with Nabila Jutha

Nabila Jutha graduated from Leeds Metropolitan University in the United Kingdom with her Masters of Science in Physiotherapy in 2014. Prior to completing her Masters, she graduated with Honours from McMaster University, majoring in Kinesiology. Nabila has since had a passion for working with and interacting with people in a rehabilitative setting. Her work as an orthopaedic physiotherapist developed a special interest in pelvic floor rehabilitation, working with prenatal and postpartum women in particular. She pursued specialized training in pelvic rehabilitation through Pelvic Health Solutions, a leading organization in pelvic health in Canada.

Using a variety of treatment modalities, including manual therapy, functional taping techniques, exercise prescription, and acupuncture, Nabila aims to help her clients manage and overcome the difficulties that pregnancy and labour present in women’s health. Nabila has experience assessing and treating conditions including, but not limited to, diastasis recti, pelvic floor dysfunction, urinary incontinence, pelvic girdle pain, pelvic organ prolapse and sexual pain.

When Nabila is not in the clinic, she enjoys staying active with ball hockey and yoga!