Meditation and Relaxation Specialist (MRS) Certification

Includes 4 weekend courses
with Elle on ZOOM or in person hybrid progra
Time: 11:30 am – 7pm Saturday and Sunday

Location: ZOOM or studio
Cost: $300 plus HST or $339 per modul

These courses are for yoga teachers or anyone who is interested in deepening a meditation practice. They can be taken individually or all 4 modules to become a Meditation and Relaxation specialist. Please note all of our courses are currently taught in a Hybrid class structure with live Zoom lectures and in-person practicum classes tests and lectures will be online.

Weekend 1: Feb 11-12 

Meditation for Yoga Teachers – I

  • Learn Mediation and mindfulness practices to deepen your teachings.
  • Review meditation techniques from Raja Yoga EWYT(RYT200) exploring longer practices.
  • Explore preparation pranayama and asana practices for meditation.
  • Develop the skill to plan and deliver a meditation class, workshop or program.


Weekend 2: March 11-12
Meditation for Yoga Teachers II

• Learn the importance of observational awareness for healing trauma.
• Understand how to link meditation to Cognitive Behavioural Therapy Techniques.
• Explore how to link meditation to the teaching of Louise Hay, Byron Katie and Eckhart Tolle.
• Expand you understanding of Japa practice and how to use affirmation/mantras to affect personal change and transformation.


  Weekend 3: April 15-16
Deep Relaxation and Somatics for Yoga Teachers

• Learn the health benefits of Relaxation practice.
• Review deep relaxation techniques covered in YES I and EWYT(RYT200) Raja course, such as: progressive relaxation, autogenic relaxation, biofeedback relaxation and Yoga Nidra and somatic awareness
• Discover new methods of deep relaxation from the self or auto hypnosis repertoire and the link between Yoga Nidra and hypnosis.
• Explore how to integrate visualization and inquiry techniques into deep relaxation


Weekend 4: May 20 – 21
Yoga Sutras
* Explore Patanjali Yoga Sutras.
* The Yoga Sutras are an ancient text that sets the foundation for yoga philosophy, in this course we will study the first three chapters comprehensively from start to finish and discuss the meaning of each sutra based on 5-7 different translations and then we will read the final fourth chapter to complete the text.
* You will also develop the ability to continue to explore these beautiful gems as a life long practice or svadhyana /study.
* We will learn to chant the first 12 sutras and integrate chanting into an asana practice as well as explore in practice the sutras that describe asana practice.       


Training Manuals written by Susie Dias @   For more info  call Liberty Movement and Wellness: 416-879-0711