Beginner Pilates

Beg Pilates Mat 101 Workshops:

Wednesdays @ 6:30 PM  REGISTER HERE

Upcoming Sessions:

March 13th


$150 per person,  includes a private personal assessment class and 4 Beginner group classes

Preregistration is required  for In person classes – no drop-ins, please register 1 week prior to start date to ensure a spot. Each beginner student will recieve a 30 minute private + 4 weeks beginner classes


New to Pilates ? Start here with our Beginner Pilates 101 Workshop!

Pilates was invented by Joseph Pilates. He immigrated from Germany after World War I, he was interned at the Isle of Mann in England during the war and he helped reabilitate soldiers with his exercise method. Pilates moved to the United States in the 1920s with his wife Clara, where he Pilates founded the first Pilates studio in New York City. His studio became the second home of the NYC ballet as many famous dancers like Martha Graham and choreographers such as George Balanchine adopted his methods for training in between dance performances.

Pilates has dance, martial arts, yoga, gymnastics, and ballet origins. It also has a focus on breath awareness, spinal alignment, and core body movements. Pilates exercises  help with body conditioning, strengthening and toning the muscles, weight loss, improving flexibility, and more. Workouts can be catered to the individual’s skill level and abilities makingit an excellent practice for beginners.

Beginner Pilates classes are ideal for those new to Pilates. This class teaches the Pilates Foundation Series. Students learn the basics of breath work and learn specific exercises from the classical Pilates repertoire to help you gain control, strength, power and flexibility. You will find renewed body awareness as your “core” gets stronger and you gain strength and support in your legs and arms.

Level I &  II  PIlates classes are a continuation of previous levels and are designed for those who have had some basic exposure to pilates, or for the beginner student looking to further their practice and become more familiar with a wider variety of the Pilates repertoire.

Pilates Fundamentals combines modern principles of exercise science and spinal rehabilitation. It is a safe and effective method of training, and appropriate for any body type.

Contact the studio to sign up for this 4-week workshop!