Doula/Birth Worker + Pre/Post Natal Pilates/Yoga, Movement Instructor certification ( 4 modules)


Introducing our Comprehensive Birth Worker training – a 95+ hour program designed to equip you with the skills and knowledge needed to support pregnant individuals through their entire journey from pregnancy to motherhood.

This dual certificate training covers Pre/Postnatal Pilates and yoga accredited by the Canadian Yoga Alliance, as well as comprehensive birth education and Pre/Postnatal Doula training.

Throughout the course, you’ll delve into a trauma-informed approach, centered around patient rights and intersectional aspects of birthwork. You’ll gain practical, hands-on skills to support clients during pregnancy and birth, including understanding the stages of labor, the role of a Doula, active birth support, effective communication, postpartum care, trauma-informed practices, social justice considerations, marketing strategies, and establishing your own Doula business. Plus, you’ll benefit from full mentorship along the way.

Our goal is to empower you to support pregnant individuals with confidence. We emphasize the healing potential of movement and comprehensive birth support as therapeutic tools. By the end of the training, you’ll feel prepared to accommodate pregnant individuals in regular classes, and you’ll be equipped to lead prenatal, couples workshops, and postnatal yoga, Pilates, and movement classes. You will be able to provide support for women as a Doula during birth and post partum.


Comprehensive Birth Worker Dual Certificate Training : $1500  (4 modules)  REGISTER HERE

Complete Doula/Birthworker Dual Certification

Training dates Spring/Summer 2024

May 25/26 module 1 Birth Doula Training

June 22/23  module 2 Post Natal Movement  Training

July 6/7   module 3 Birth Ed & Post Natal Doula Training

July 26/27 Module 4 Prenatal Pilates/Yoga movement training


Training Dates Fall /Winter 2024/2025

October 26/27  Module 1 Prenatal Pilates/Yoga movement training
Nov 9/10 module 2 Birth Doula Training
Dec 14/15  module 3 Post Natal Movement  Training
Jan 11/12 2025  module 4  Birth Ed & Post Natal Doula Training


May 4/5th Module 1 Prenatal Pilates/Yoga movement training


May 25/26 Module 2 module 2 Birth Doula Training


June 22/23 2024  Module 3  Post Natal Movement  Training


July 6/7 2024  Module 4 Birth Ed & Post Natal Doula Training


Join us and embark on a transformative journey towards becoming a confident and compassionate birth support worker, enriching the lives of birthing individuals and their families.


Comprehensive Birth Worker Dual Certificate Training : Duala/Birthworker + pre/post natal movement certification

$375 per module  (4 modules)  REGISTER HERE

Full Doula Training only : $500 per module ( 2 modules birth educator, pre/postnatal  Doula)  REGISTER HERE

Prenatal Movement Certification only : REGISTER HERE 

Post Natal Movement Certification only: REGISTER HERE 

R-PYT Eligibility

To gain  Canadian Yoga Alliance certification as RPYT, a 200-Hour Yoga Teacher Training is required. Others can participate but will not be eligible for registration as a Prenatal Yoga Teacher through  Canadian Yoga Alliance. RPYT 95+ hours. Teachers that have their RYT 200 hour or a previous 40 hour Pre/Post natal certification may upgrade and pay a reduced fee for full certification .Please contact us for more details.

Participants also require…

  • A minimum of 75 contact hours with Elle Slimmon (the training meets this requirement)
  • 10 observation hours observing or assisting classes in your community or at the studio
  • Successful completion of teaching practicum with support of Elle Slimmon, our teaching team and peers
  • 10 hours of homework readings to be completed after the course (this will be assigned in class)




Comprehensive Birth Worker

A 95+ hour dual certificate training compromising of Pre/Post natal Pilates/yoga training through the Canadian Yoga alliance and a full scope birth education, Pre/Post natal Doula training. This training equips you with tools to empower and support pregnant women throughout their pregnancies and labor. We encourage participants to explore and awaken to the radically healing potential of movement and comprehensive birth support as therapeutic tools to empower the birthing journey from pregnancy to motherhood. After the completion of this course, you will feel confident accommodating pregnant women in their regular classes, as well as be equipped to teach prenatal, couples workshops and postnatal yoga, Pilates and movement classes. This training has 4 modules each module is over a weekend either in person or live ZOOM; we strongly recommend coming in person for the practicum modules in pre/post natal yoga and Doula techniques for active labour.

 Birth &  Doula Training 

  • Birth Education
  • Physiological Birth and the Stages of Labour
  • Birthing & the Stages of Labour
  • Pre-labour, First Stage, Transition
  • Second Stage, Birth, Placenta
  • Hormones of Pregnancy & Birth
  • Role of the Labour Doula
  • Doula Scope of Practice
  • What is a trauma Informed Doula?
  • A Doula Code of Ethics
  • A Social Media Code
  • History of Doulas
  • Equity, diversity and inclusion policy and instructional component
  • Advocacy, anti-oppression, social justice and decolonization in birth work
  • The Role of a Labour or Postpartum Doula
  • Inter professional relations with all health care providers
  • Communication
  • Prenatal support and the doulas role
  • Reflective and Active Listening
  • Comfort measures in labour with hands on learning
  • Emotional support during labour
  • Supporting second stage
  • Special circumstances in pregnancy, birth and postpartum and doula support
  • Cesarean Sections and VBAC
  • Pain management theory.
  • Medicalized options and the doulas role
  • Medical Intervention
  • What is Medical Intervention and the Cascade of Intervention?
  • VBAC doula support

A certificate is given upon completion of these courses for a total of 95+ hours of Registered Prenatal and Post natal Yoga/Pilates Instructor + Birth Worker/Doula

Course Instructor: Eloisa (Elle) Slimmon-Weber

Certified and registered Yoga Teacher, EWYT, ERYT500  Soma and Trauma Specialist,  Certified Pilates Mat Instructor, East to West Yoga and Pilates Certified Pilates Mat Instructor, Physical/Mind Institute, Certified Pre and Post Natal Specialist, Pre natal Educator, CAPPA Doula, HypnoBirthing Practitioner, Fertility Consultant, Yoga training in Classical Hatha, Ashtanga and Restorative, Currently studying Chinese Medicine  and Acupuncture.

Complete Doula/Birthworker Dual Certification Weekend II

June 22/23 2024 I Birth & Post Natal Doula Training Part 2

Investement $ 375 per module ( 2 modules birth educator, pre/postnatal  Doula)  REGISTER HERE

This course is for yoga teachers and trainees as well as acupuncturists, childbirth educators, chiropractors, doctors, doulas, craniosacral/massage/shiatsu therapists, midwives, nurses, therapists and of course pregnant women! It is also Yoga Alliance applicable.

In this course we will explore:

  • Practical: Active BirthComfort measures in labour with hands on learning

  • Positions for Labour

  • Acupressure for Birth

  • Hands on Massage for Birth

  • Positioning/baby spinning baby for birth

  • Rebozo for Pregnancy & Birth

  • Postpartum Support:

  • The Role of a Postpartum Doula

  • Breast /chest Feeding Support

  • Postpartum recovery for the new mum and infant

  • Post partum Depression and baby blues

  • The neurobiology of Trauma in Pre and Post natal parents

  • The psychological impact of birth

  • Supporting Trauma and when to Refer

  • Doula Practicum and Business

  • Inter professional relations, building bridges with all health care providers

  • Effective communication

  • Birthworker/doula business support

  • Marketing
Training Manuals written by Susie Dias @  and Eloisa Slimmon For more info call Liberty Movement and Wellness: 416-879-0711