Yoga Classes

Liberty Movement & Wellness offers a wide variety of yoga classes for beginner and expert practitioners alike. Read our class descriptions and check the schedule for dates and times.

There are no drop-ins at this time. For an assessment and to be placed in a class please email the studio for space availability, Or save time and buy online by logging in and following the prompts and we will contact you!

Yoga is the regular practice of asanas and pranayama. It makes the body strong, supple and healthy. Yoga has a profound effect on the circulatory system and on the function of the inner organs, glands and nerves. Asanas can be adapted for any type of ailment, making them accessible for anyone to practice.

For beginners, try our Beginner Yoga workshop.



The H Practice

This practice addresses symptoms and conditions of hormonal imbalance in women of all ages. Imbalances such as infertility, PCOS, painful menstruation, insomnia, thyroid imbalances, hot flashes, anxiety, and depression. The H Practice, designed by Elle Slimmon, uses specific breath work (pranayama), yoga postures, and energy circulation techniques. These help to stimulate the glands involved in hormone production. This practice is dynamic, energizing and relaxing. Open to all levels of fitness.

Slow Flow Hatha

A balanced combination of sustained poses and poses flowing in a mindful progression. Attention is given to alignment and therapeutic principles, mindfulness, and observing breath and body as an integral part of this class.

This class is an even mix of energy to give you a good physical workout and calm to keep you balanced. Suitable for any level of practice. We work within a pain-free range of motion.

Strengthen + Lengthen

An hourlong mix of yoga, pilates, calisthenics and an indulgent, restorative stretch.

Relaxed and invigorating, expect to move slowly, build core strength, stability and body awareness, and to not realize you’ve done a killer workout until you’re walking down the stairs!

Absolutely everybody welcome!


Ashtanga is a vigorous form of yoga. The class is based on the primary series with yoga poses that stretch and strengthen. This is a great type of yoga for runners and athletes, or any one who wants to improve their flexibility. Yoga can be used to increase range of motion, coordination, endurance, flexibility, body alignment, and guard against injury. All levels are welcome. This class can be intense. Be prepared to sweat and work vigorously then feel totally relaxed!

Detox Flow & Restore

Feeling weakened from the weekend? Perfect time for a detox! This flow class is designed to detoxify with moderate to vigorous flowing asanas and deep twist series. It aims to stimulate the circulatory and lymphatic system, improving digestion, and clearing toxins from the body. Detox Flow & Restore combines a flow of different yoga poses for a fast track to detoxification followed by restorative postures to relax your nervous system and chill you out.

Hatha Yoga

This class will take students through a series of classic yoga postures (asanas), breathing, and relaxation techniques. The emphasis is on holding steady postures and relaxing between each one by focusing on the breath. Those trying yoga for the first time as well as those interested in grounding their current practice are welcome in this rejuvenating Hatha class. More advanced students will build on asanas they have been taught in order to deepen and further their practice.

Deepen &  Restore Yoga

Deepen & Restore Yoga is active relaxation, go deeper within as the body is supported with, bolsters, blocks and various props. Students are encouraged to quiet the mind, breathe, and use intuition in moving in conjunction with guidance on safe alignment. No previous yoga experience is necessary for this class. This class is suitable for people who are healing from illness or injury, want a slower-paced practice, for people with limited range of motion, or anyone who would like to slow down. Focus is on getting into the body, breathing into poses, grounding, and bringing acceptance to the body in the present moment.

Vinyasa Yoga

Vinyasa means breath-synchronized movement. The breath is the heart of this discipline and links asana to asana.

This is a fast paced vigorous class that introduces Vinyasa sequencing, rhythm, and the primary postures of this yoga style. Previous yoga experience is recommended but not required.