Kids Yoga & Family Workshops

Unlock the Potential Within, Together! At Liberty Movement & Wellness we believe in the limitless potential of young minds and the transformative power of yoga and Pilates! . Join us as we cultivate a new generation of empowered and mindful individuals. Empower your teens and children with the gift of yoga and Pilates!.

YogaPals® Kids Yoga & Mala Making Workshop

Sunday Feb 18th 2024

Family Day Weekend Workshop


Kids age 6+

Embark on a journey of relaxation, creativity, and mindfulness at our Kids Yoga and Mala Making Workshop!

Let your child explore the wonders of yoga, practice mindfulness, and indulge their creative spirit by crafting their very own mala with beads. Learn about the ancient tradition of making a mala and how to se it for mindfulness and meditation In this enriching 2-hour session, kids will stretch, breathe, and learn calming techniques through yoga while discovering the art of creating beautiful malas.

🎟️ Workshop details:

  • Duration: 90 minutes
  • Time: 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm
  • Cost: $45 per child (includes all materials)

This engaging workshop promises: Yoga and mindfulness exercises tailored for kids  Mala making session with all necessary supplies provided

A nurturing environment fostering creativity and relaxation

Limited spots available! Secure your child’s spot for this delightful holiday experience. Call or email us to reserve a spot and give your child the gift of inner peace and creativity this holiday season!


Teen Intro to PILATES Workshop

“Calling all teens for an energetic and invigorating holiday experience!

Discover the joy of movement, strength, and grace at our Teens Intro to Pilates and Dance Workshop!

Engage your body and mind in a dynamic 2-hour session designed specifically for teens aged 13-17. Join us on Wednesday, January 3rd, from 1:00 pm to 2:30 pm for an exhilarating journey into Pilates and dance.

📅 Workshop details:

Date:Saturday Feb 17 1-2:30 pm
Age group: 13-17 years
Cost: $45 per teen
Unleash your potential with:
Introduction to Pilates techniques tailored for teens
Dance sessions to explore movement and rhythm
Engaging activities to foster strength, flexibility, and coordination

This workshop promises an environment of fun, learning, and fitness tailored to the teenage spirit!

Spaces are limited! Secure your spot now to groove, move, and embrace the power of Pilates and dance. Contact us via phone or email to reserve your spot and give your teen a holiday experience they won’t forget.




Children’s Yoga Classes (Ages 5+):

Sundays 10:30 -11:30am,

starts Feb 4th  2024

4 weeks  

cost $80


For our younger yogis, we offer Children’s Yoga classes that are filled with playfulness and creativity. These classes are designed to introduce children to the wonders of yoga through imaginative stories, games, and interactive movements. Children will learn to express themselves authentically while cultivating important values like compassion, kindness, and respect for themselves and others.

Why Choose Our Classes?

  1. Experienced Instructors: Our instructors are well-versed in guiding teens and children through the joys of yoga. They create an environment where each individual feels supported and empowered.
  2. Inclusivity and Acceptance: We celebrate diversity and welcome all teens and children, regardless of their backgrounds or abilities.
  3. Mindful Practice: Our classes integrate mindfulness and meditation to help teens and children develop emotional intelligence and inner calm.
  4. A Community of Support: Join a vibrant community of young yogis and like-minded families, supporting each other on their yoga journeys.

Our studio celebrates diversity and aims to nurture a sense of belonging and self-expression among our young practitioners. Join us on a mindful journey, where kids and teens can connect with their inner selves and build a strong foundation for well-being.

What to Expect:

Inclusivity and Support: Our studio is a welcoming space where every child and teen is embraced with open arms and valued for who they are.
Guided by Compassionate Instructors: Our skilled instructors are passionate about nurturing young minds and inspiring them to shine bright.
Mindfulness and Unity: Together, we’ll explore the magic of yoga, cultivating mindfulness and building a sense of unity and compassion.
A Space to Flourish: Kids and teens can recharge, de-stress, and flourish as they delve into the practice of Yogapals.

Encourage your child or teen to embark on this journey of self-discovery.

Yogapals empowers young hearts and minds, nurturing holistic well-being. Join us and be part of a mindful and diverse community.







YogaPals® Family Yoga Workshop

A yoga workshop for the whole family to enjoy. This class will explore sun salutations, standing poses, breathing, and relaxation techniques. With partner poses and fun interactive yoga games for the kids, it is an opportunity to bond with your family on a Sunday afternoon!

Next Sessions on Saturdays @11:30am

4 weeks 


 Feb 3- Feb 24


YogaPals® Kids Yoga Party

A fun themed birthday party ! A Custom Designed Birthday party with Yoga and movement  for kids!
Choose a theme or create your own !
Magical Wands & Castles
Super Hero Me
Yoga and mindfulness with Mala Making
Yoga and Mindfullness with Mandalas We will  use some fun Partner yoga and Acro yoga sequences to challenge our skills. Thematic ideas such as peace, respect, gratitude, and acceptance will be introduced through discussion and basic mindfulness and meditation techniques are introduced. This is a fun yoga themed party designed for any  “budding Yogis” no previous experience necesary!

Contact us for more information!