Workshops at Liberty Movement & Wellness are pre-registered, fun classes perfect for groups of friends or a party, or as a way to expand you yoga or Pilates practice

Sometimes yoga and Pilates is too serious. So it helps to have fun once and awhile and do something you have never done, or do something you normally do, but in a different way.

Our workshop schedule is always changing. Check back regularly for updates, or contact us if you would like to put on the list for future workshops.

Beginner Pilates

Thursday’s @ 7:00 PM
Next Sessions begin: 
April 5, May 3, June 7th
$65 per person

Beginner Yoga

Monday’s @ 7:00 PM
Next Sessions begin:
April 16, May 14, June 18
$65 per person

Meditation for Absolute Beginners

Sunday’s @ 4:00 PM
Next Session begins
June 3rd, 2018.
$45 per person

Thera-Restorative Yoga & Massage

Sunday’s @ 3:30 PM
April 22, May 27th, June 17
$45 per person

Pre Natal Partner Yoga Workshop

Wednesday @ 7:30pm
Runs September 5th
$75 per couple

Barre For Runners

Sundays @ 3:30pm

Next session runs

 April 15th

$45 per person