200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification

Prerequisite for 200 hours Yoga Teacher Training : Yoga Exercise Specialist Certification ( YES I/II) . You can start the online live Yoga Teacher Training – 200 hour program after completing the Part I: YES and you will need to complete Part II before receiving your final certification certificate. 200 Hours Teacher Training is taught in a Hybrid format of Live Zoom lectures and in person classes over 10 weekends.  Each portion of the training is one weekend per month, taken consecutively over 10 months.

Cost/per weekend: $300 plus HST or $339  All Manuals  & additional handouts Included. To register for our next YES I course that starts Saturday January 21 and Sunday January 23 2023 click below



200 Hour Yoga Teacher Training Certification Syllabus

Next Training starts: Jan 21/22 2023  YES I ( pre requisite)
Saturday 9AM  – 7PM
Sunday     9 AM – 7PM
Course Instructor: Eloisa (Elle) Slimmon
Certified and registered Yoga Teacher, EWYT, ERYT500 Certified Pilates Mat Instructor, East to West Yoga and Pilates Certified Pilates Mat Instructor, Physical/Mind Institute, Certified Pre and Post Natal Specialist, Pre natal Educator, CAPPA Doula, HypnoBirthing Practitioner, Fertility Consultant, Hormone Specilaist, Advanced Yoga training in Classical Hatha, Ashtanga and Restorative. Currently Studying Acupncture and Chinese medicine.
 All Course Manuals for 200 Hour  Yoga training created and written by Susie Dias

Course Date Teaching Schedule -Live ZOOM Training 2022

Saturdays and Sundays 9 AM – 7 PM

3rd or 4th weekend each month January – September 2022

Cost : $339 per /weekend 

Total Course Hours: 200 hours (20 hours each weekend) 

Yoga Teacher Training Syllabus:

WEEKEND 1 : February 25-26 2023


  • Learn to assess alignment in your students during yoga practice.
  • Understand muscle action  and cue bone alignment in Yogasana.
  • Explore through yoga practice, using props  how movement principles act in the body
    Learn how to assess range of motion.

WEEKEND  2: March 25-26 2023


  • Learn postures in standing, balancing, kneeling, seated, reclining and prone backbend positions
  • Review how to teach a Hatha Yoga class using a template for class planning
  • Gain the opportunity to practice teach Hatha Yoga postures
  • Learn the use and purpose of props  such as bolsters , straps walls etc in Yoga asana
  • Discover how to release tension and increase capacity in a variety of yoga postures using props
  • Basic Sanskrit for Yoga Teachers
  • Explore the Sanskrit alphabet and pronunciation
  • Learn the meaning of the names of yoga asanas
  • Practice and memorize the asana names and pronunciation

WEEKEND 3 : April 22-23 2023 IN PERSON
YOGA TEACHING METHODOLOGY 2 – Intro to Vinyasa Yoga (Saturday)

* Introduction and fundamentals of Vinyasa sequencing
* Learn posture families and how to use this concept when sequencing a Yoga class.
* Partner Yoga (Sunday 9am – 1pm)
* Explored a wide array of partner postures.
* Learn partner yoga class sequencing and structure
* Use of Voice and Language for Yoga Teachers (Sunday 2-5pm)
* Physiology of proper vocal production
* Discover how to communicate effectively too students
* Gain the ability to use positive language in cueing

WEEKEND 4 : May 28-29 2023

* Explore the dimensions of a Vinyasa yoga class
* Learn 5 sequences for teaching Vinyasa
* Explore class designs, sequence and practice teaching

WEEKEND 5 : June 24-25 2023
PRANAYAMA : Path to Unlimited Energy (Saturday)

* Examine the Physiology of breathing
* Explore breath control in yoga
* Learn exercises to improve respiration
* Understand use and purpose of Pranayamas, bandhas, and mudras


* Participate in Hatha Yoga classes based on posture family theory.
* Review and break down plans and sequences of classes according to theory
* Learn to incorporate these same principles into Vinyasa class structure to foster practical teaching application

* Learn and understand the physiology of digestive and circulatory systems
* Explore the principles and applications of Ayurveda
* Understand healthful nutrition and mindfulness in eating



Next Training:  Jan 22/23/2021
Saturday, 11 AM  – 8PM
Sunday,     9 AM – 6PM

200 Hours Yoga Teacher Training Certification Syllabus

WEEKEND 6 : July 22-23 2022
RAJA YOGA – Taming the Mind for Inner Peace (Saturday)
RajaYoga is the branch of yoga that emphasizes settling the mind to stillness.

* Study brain, nervous and endocrine system physiology
* Understand basic psychology theory
* Learn to balance the nervous and endocrine systems: minimize the effects of psychological stress; create mental well-being with practice of Yoga concepts
* Explore history and philosophy of Yoga
* Learn to practice various meditation methods to quiet internal thoughts and instil greater peace in the mind.

* Understand the various uses of breathing
* Learn the use of micro-movement, visualizations and introduction to affirmations/mantras
* Explore advanced postures and variations of postures
* Advance postures with props

* Discover mantra and using affirmations to affect positive changes in life
* Enjoy the practice of kirtan or devotional chanting from the Bhakti Yoga tradition.
* Learn how to do Japa meditation using japa beads or hand counting method.


WEEKEND 6 : August 26-27 2023
* Review the ‘Classical Hatha’ sequencing template and group practice 5 sample classes
* Analyse the template plan assessment and practice class planning group sessions that you will prepare to record separately
* Develop the ability to integrate anatomy based physical themes
* Learn to use philosophical/poetic concepts or themes in Hatha and Vinyasa class sequencing

WEEKEND 7 : September 23-24 2023
CHAKRA YOGA -Energy Healing for Total Health (Saturday)

* Understand chakras and subtle body energy systems of the human system
* Experience and learn Inner healing and group healing practices
* Study the physiology of immune system
* Learn Kriya Yoga or subtle energy meditation practices

BUSINESS OF YOGA -Putting Yoga into Business (Sunday)
* Discover how to tap into yoga consciousness in business practices.
* Develop the ability to set goals and manifest results.
* Learn marketing strategies and business skills for building a yoga teaching career and/or studio business.

* Explore the importance of a personal practice or sadhana
* Learn to create a practice that is right for you
* Discover how to support personal growth and development on the yogic path